May 11, 2012No Comments

Preset: Snapping to Hex Grid

Last year about this time I was doing some motion & comp work for a pair of cinematics for a big ol' video game. One of my shots involved having these indicators moving across a screen with a hexagonal tile grid, and the art director wanted the indicators to snap from one tile to the next, giving it a much choppier, digital feel.

It took a while (longer than I'd care to admit, but alas) to get this expression put together. I won't claim that it's the best (or even most efficient) way, but if anyone has any suggestions on how I can optimize it please let me know!

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April 23, 2012No Comments

Preset: Points Along a Line

Things have been busy! I'm working on several cool projects at the moment, one of which led me to share some cool math with you guys.

I've got two expressions that produce similar (yet different!) results-- both define the position for a point along a line, though one is controlled by % completion from one point to the next (0-1), the other by the distance (in pixels) from the start point.

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March 5, 2012No Comments

toFixed() – Limiting decimal points

In today's thrilling post I'm going to cover how to limit the number of digits after a decimal while working with expressions. While I know of a few ways to go about doing this, I'm going to cover the toFixed() method.

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February 10, 2012No Comments

For / While Loops

In class yesterday, one of my students asked about using for / while loops in expressions. As this isn't something I've had to use before, I spent the evening playing around with it.

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