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No Admin Access? Install AE Scripts Anyway!

Here's a common freelance issue: you're working in-house at some studio (or remotely logged into a studio's workstation), and you don't have admin access to the computer. So how are you going to install all of your favourite After Effects scripts, presets, plugins, and extensions?!

Little known fact: on both MacOS and Windows, Adobe's actually given us specific folders to install our tools in that don't need Admin access.

That's right! You can stroll into Buck with your favourite scripts and install them into AE without needing to go bug IT for the fifth time this morning (how the heck is my Wacom still broken??).

All this to say, scripts, presets, and extensions can live in one of two locations:

  1. the User Path, which doesn't require Admin access (installs for just your user)
  2. the System Path, which does require Admin access (installs for all users on the computer)
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CEP: Logging Errors

When working on Flow for After Effects, we were looking for a way to log standard JS console errors to a file, so that if something broke we'd be able to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it in a patch. Straightforward enough!

However, as the CEP standard is evolving, we found that there was some discrepancy in behaviors between different versions of AE with respect to how to enable logging and where the log files are saved. With any luck, this can help.

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