The Toolkit

The video above shows a brief overview of the toolkit in action, from the point of view of an AE artist using it.

The toolkit was capable of changing global gradient colours for backgrounds and elements, size-aware dynamic text replacement (while preserving animation), toggling visibility of different text & graphical elements, and swapping out product photos– all while supporting 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 formats.

While fairly straightforward, the most (technically) interesting aspect of this project was allowing replacement of multiline text while keeping both position & font animation in place.

Nowadays this is much simpler with After Effects' native text style expressions, though when this spot was produced it took a bit of crafty codey work behind-the-scenes.

Zack Lovatt focuses on toolkitting, building custom studio pipelines, expression rigging projects, and creating data-driven animation workflows.