The Production tool is all about setting up comp structures and slates for ongoing production work, allowing other artists & production support to be able to navigate projects reliably.

Another component in the Production tool was a Duplicate feature, allowing artists to create variations while automatically searching for and replacing specific text in comp names, layer names, and project text.

The Output tool is all about... output!

When building AE projects to use as assets for other steps of the pipeline, artists at Create needed a tool to quickly separate elements in projects out into various render pass comps.

The system we established worked by identifying relevant elements by label colour per-pass, and the tool would then isolate all layers that matched those label colours into the given render pass.


We approached Zack to help us design a unique pipeline tool in After Effects. From day one, he was easy to work with, helpful and didn't seem to concerned about the slightly crazy idea we had.

After a few rounds of tweaking the pipeline tool and what it would be used for, he was off and running and provided us with constant feedback and updates.

The tool was delivered on time, and functioning perfectly! It has saved us countless hours and made our lives a lot easier. It is also great to you know have a one of a kind toolset!

Looking forward to the next one, thanks again Zack!

Michael Sausa

Creative Director, Head of Design at Create Advertising Group

Zack Lovatt focuses on toolkitting, building custom studio pipelines, expression rigging projects, and creating data-driven animation workflows.