Similar to my post on scripting, this is intended to be a roundup of a bunch of resources for learning javascript-based After Effects expressions. I'm focusing less on specific tutorials and more on broader-picture materials.

Like scripting, AE expressions are based on Javascript. However, as of AE 16.0+ (CC2019), AE now has a new expression engine that lets you use modern Javascript, not just the ancient ExtendScript system!

If you're looking for ways to manage and store your expressions, I've got another post all about that. I also wrote about some unexpected and typically unexplored facets of the Expression Flyout Menu for School of Motion.

Looking for scripting resources? Check out this post!

I want to point out that this isn't an exhaustive list– there's a lot of information out there! This is solely a roundup of links that I can personally vouch for and have appreciated. Have more to add? Reach out!

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