I often see folks asking about ways to store expressions within AE; I wanted to create a little writeup of a few commercial systems out there.

Of course there are ways to store them offline, but sometimes it's nice to have a product to handle it all for ya.

Now, if these off-the-shelf tools don't fit your need, feel free to contact me for a custom solution 😉

Expression Libraries

Quiver ($20)Solely an expression library manager.
Expression Library ($30)An expression library manager, also working with expression controls.
Expression Toolbox ($20)This is made just to be an expression toolbox, with some side features.

Toolbar Managers

KBar ($40)The go-to method for creating custom toolbars in AE. You can create all sorts of toolbars containing buttons to control things in AE, including a robust system for saving expressions to buttons.
Tool Launcher ($40)A whole system for managing scripts, extensions, expressions, letting you embed dockable panels in their tool, and also create custom commands and buttons in your own toolbars.
Quick Menu ($25)Sort of a "Spotlight for AE," it offers a way to save expressions.

Other Tools with Library Features

pt_ExpressEdit ($40)This tool is primarily for finding and editing expressions project-wide, though it has a library feature.
MoCode ($80)This is a whole development environment right within AE, so it offers much more than just an expression library, but it's in there!
Project Notes ($20)Very minimal, this lets you have a list of "notes," which you can tell the tool to apply as an expression, or script, or just store for your own reference.