I often see folks asking about ways to store expressions within After Effects; I wanted to create a little writeup of a few commercial systems out there.

Of course there are ways to store them offline, but sometimes it's nice to have a product to handle it all for ya.

Now, if these off-the-shelf tools don't fit your need, feel free to contact me for a custom solution 😉

Looking for resources on how to write your own expressions? Check out this post!

Expression Libraries

Quiver ($20)Solely an expression library manager.
Expression Library ($30)An expression library manager, also working with expression controls.
Expression Toolbox ($20)This is made just to be an expression toolbox, with some side features.

Toolbar Managers

KBar ($40)The go-to method for creating custom toolbars in AE. You can create all sorts of toolbars containing buttons to control things in AE, including a robust system for saving expressions to buttons.
Tool Launcher ($40)A whole system for managing scripts, extensions, expressions, letting you embed dockable panels in their tool, and also create custom commands and buttons in your own toolbars.
Quick Menu ($25)Sort of a "Spotlight for AE," it offers a way to save expressions.

Other Tools with Library Features

pt_ExpressEdit ($40)This tool is primarily for finding and editing expressions project-wide, though it has a library feature.
MoCode ($80)This is a whole development environment right within AE, so it offers much more than just an expression library, but it's in there!
Project Notes ($20)Very minimal, this lets you have a list of "notes," which you can tell the tool to apply as an expression, or script, or just store for your own reference.

If you're having trouble installing these tools because you don't have admin access on your device, check out this article on how to work around that. If you work on multiple devices and want to sync between them, I've got an article for that too!